Dane Van Domelen


R packages

All packages are on GitHub and some are on CRAN. Here is my GitHub page.


Last updated Aug. 26, 2022

Stock market analysis

I write articles on investment srategies for Seeking Alpha. Here are my articles.

Presentations etc.

Date Type Title and link
04/18/19 Talk #nocrimezone (WIT meeting)
03/23/19 Blog Crowdsourced neighborhood and city security—a simple idea that could work
03/21/19 Blog “City health” in San Antonio: a case study of ideology veiled as science
03/16/19 Blog Should public health researchers be advocates?
01/29/19 Talk Some statistical issues in modeling frailty
01/14/19 Blog Web app for processing NHANES accelerometer data
09/28/18 Blog A slightly modified purrr::pmap for iterations and simulations
04/09/18 Lecture Data analysis in R
03/11/18 Talk Accelerometry: A better method, a new set of problems
03/06/18 Vignette Get rich with ‘stocks’
02/19/18 Vignette Summary tables with ‘tab’
02/03/18 Blog Create R package in 5 minutes with roxygen2
09/11/17 Blog Which moving average function in R is fastest?